Welcome to Halloween 2012 Celebration

Welcome to Halloween 2012 Celebration
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Monday, October 17, 2011

13 Days Before Halloween

I like to give our kids and g-kids a fun thing to do for a countdown for Halloween - this is what we did this year. I made these toppers on our print artist program, colored and glittered the pumpkin, and then hot glued them to a 6 foot strip of saran wrap. I added a hanging ribbon before I glued them, This is how long the saran wrap was - it went the full length of our table.

I added a sucker stick to the inside fold of the paper to give it some stabliity because the candy is heavy and pulled down the header when it was hung up.

This is how it looks when it is done - they turned out really cute! When I added candy, I added one piece at a time, tied it off with a ribbon then added another candy, etc until I got 13 pieces. These are for our grandchildren.

I didn't want their parents to feel left out so I put 13 pieces of candy in a sandwich zippie and hot glued the topper to the bag.

I put each families in a cellophane bag - added some purple, lime and orange ribbon and they are ready to be delivered!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Outdoor Decor

WOW is all I can say! I stumbled across this blog and had to share the fun outside decor they have done! It is amazing. You will find it at Censational Girl.

ship bow

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween is Here! Living Room

I changed the decorating this year a bit -instead of having things so spread out I put things together in little scenes - hope that makes sense! This is the entry looking from the house into the living room area.
This is the fireplace - I kept the Fall decor up this year and just tucked the witches in here and there. Our daughter did the fall arrangement for me and I wanted to keep it up through Thanksgiving.

I did the same things with the piano.
Here is our village...I love this village - it is full of all the little projects we did over the years as a family for Family Home Evening - so cute to see all the treasures!

The tree has ornies of them of pictures of all our kids and grandchildren.

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Our House is all Halloweeeny! Kitchen/Dining/Bathroom

Our dining, kitchen and family area are all connected. It is so fun to walk in the room. It is all Halloweeny! Here are a few pix: This spider is the perfect touch to the corner over the couch....

Here is the Witches Closet - already for the big night!
Making of the Witches Closet

Here are a few corners in the bathroom

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Halloween Has Arrived at Our House! Witches Kitchen is Open For The Season!

I love Halloween! I love decorating for Halloween! This is our Witches Kithen. It is filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies. It is a favorite part of our decorating every year. Our little boys (grandsons) walk in and this is the first place they come. I have to fix it so that I can shut it if they are here for the day or too much snitching happens. A little closer view - there are spider and eyeball lights inside. They love to count and see the colored lit spiders.
Door One

Door Two

There is more detail about Making our Witches Kitchen
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Witches Closet

Spook some delight into your Halloween celebration and add a Witches Closet! Our witch will be "boo-tiful" with her striped socks, glittery scarf, "gourd-eous" hat and flowy dress. She even has "spook-tacular" shoes and keys to the dungeon.

You can scare up a few tricks by having a witches closet too! However you choose to do it, use your imagination to spread the magic as you make the perfect Witches Closet for your Halloween fun.


I always seem to get bored of doing things the same way year after year and try to shake it up a bit. I took a bunch of stuff we already had, added a couple of new things and decided to make this Witches Closet. We have a "Witches Kitchen" so a "Witches Closet" just across the room seemed like a perfect addition.


I have been on a quest the past couple of years to use up the supplies and other resources I already have and spend as little bit of money as possible.Top of the shelf has a hat, shoes, purple sparkley pet spider, and broom.

These are some of my mom's shoes. My parents died just a few days apart and I really miss them around holidays so I try to incorporate something of theirs in all my holiday decorations. These shoes are the centerpiece of this display. I made this hat a few years ago for a centerpiece. I have used it for several displays - works great in the Witches Closet. . Here is the tutorial for this hat.

This is my witches broom that has bling!

On the pegs are metal star, trick or treat bucket, sparkly scarf which any self respecting witch has to have, witches in sign, striped sox, cape and dress.

I had an old metal star that wasn't being used and some scraps of Halloween scrap paper. I made a pattern of one of the points, cut 5 different patterns and glued it on. The keys I ran a pattern from the print artist program and glued it on the back of some sparkly paper left over from Christmas gifts last year.

The dungeon sign ws made on print artist as was the date tab. Then I tore the edge of the Dungeon Keys sign and used distressed ink on both. This sign a made a couple of years ago and thought this is the perfect spot for it. I used to hang in near the broom and a pair of shoes near the front door - it looks great in the closet here.


Thanks for letting me share! Please visit my Halloween Blog at Buckets of Halloween Ideas

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Bag Halloween Books

I have so many fun Halloween pix of our family and wanted to display them somehow. I made the Photo Cauldron which I love and also made paper bag photo books for Halloween every year since we have had grandchildren. I want to go back and get the older pictures of our family and do them as well - probably not this year! Good project for the coming year.


Here is my mess!

To make these you get whatever size paper bag you want, fold it in half, punchholes in the folded edge and add ribbon to connect the books. Decorate each picture and add to the each page of the book.

This was a candy holder that I made years ago - the little box is a perfect storage place for these little books. Thanks for stoping by!

Halloween Pix Cauldron and Tute

Linking Up with Rhinestone Beagle and It's a Blog Party - links in my side bar...


Halloween Picture Cauldron
I saw this adorable idea For Family Photo Cubes originally on Style Burb. I wanted to do something like this with all the fun Halloween photo's we have so we can see them more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have been trying really hard this past year to use what I have in the house and not spend any money on new supplies for projects (except maybe glue!) - it has created some major creativity thought process that makes my head hurt sometimes!


Here are the supplies needed:

Card stock that had been printed on one side already - I used the back

I printed out the pattern then cut each one out to save on ink.

One glue stick did it all


Pictures I used (Some of the pictures were cut into several pieces and used for a couple sides of the blocks).
I wanted something in the bottom of it and was thinking about using shred - then I remembered I had these half marbles I have used in other things - they are just perfect!

I copied and pasted her template she used into my print artist program and adjusted the size to what I needed.

(click here for the template)

Then I folded them to see where to put the pictures.

Then I cut a pattern from the template and cut the pictures to fit.

Here is one that is put together - I tried to face the pictures all different directions. Then glued them into cubesHere it is all finished - love it! When I finished a couple of our children walked in and saw it and first thing and had to see all the blocks. You can add more blocks and make it in a bigger bowl or vase. I am thinking about making these for Christmas gifts for grandparents. A classy gift and one I think they would love!

Here it is from another angle. Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you have a wonderful and fun Halloween season from our house to your's!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

It is that time of year again! Halloween ideas popping up all over blog land.

I will add to this post as I find more fun things!


Here are a few I have found:

Fun Drink Idea

There are more drink ideas over at Centsational Girlspooky labels for soda and juice cg


My pinterest board is popping with fun things to make and do for Halloween.

Here are a few of my favorites (10 out of 320!):

Don't tell my grandchildren I am doing this for them for Halloween!Pinned Image

Love this Ice Tray!

Pinned Image
This is from http://www.marthastewart.com/

Pinned Image

Pinned Image