Welcome to Halloween 2012 Celebration

Welcome to Halloween 2012 Celebration
Creepy Free Halloween Zone!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costume Party!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
 Welcome to our Party for 2012!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Party Games are Ready!

Tonight is the big night for our family Halloween Party. 

After our hot dog roast with spider dip and chips, finger carrots, spooky drinks, pudding cups with worms and other Halloween goodies, we are playing games, doing footprints, carving pumpkins and decorating cookies.
Bean dip - Pix from Pinterest
Pudding cups with worms
Here are a few of the games we are playing:
Picture Scavenger Hunt
Because all the little people in my life are too young to read I found pictures of the places in our yard that  things will be hidden - I ran off a copy for each person and they can find the treasures that are there waiting for them in any order they want.
Here are the items for the Scavenger Hunt:

Marshmallow Ghost
  I included pictures of how to make it because it was a little tricky till I figured it out.
Cut a long piece of saran wrap and put a handful of mini marshmallows in the middle.
 Fold up the ends
 Then roll it
 Add a face
Hanging Hands
Latex gloves filled with popcorn with a ribbon added
 Mummy Candy Bars
I used strips of toilet paper wrapped around a candy bar, but you can use fabric scraps, crepe pepaer etc.
 Sucker Spider
  I wrapped the top in black tissue then twisted the legs on and added eyes.
 Carmel balls and Glass Suckers
Favorite recipes for these are at the end of the post
 Wood Pumpkins
 I found a bunch of end pieces from 2x4's, painted them orange, added faces and glittered the cheeks.  They are totally cute!
Hanging Doughtnuts
My husband was the scout master 25 years ago - the scounts loved it - it became part of our own Halloween tradition long ago - wouldn't be Halloween without this game!

Carving Pumpkins!

Foot Prints
We are going to to a foot print on a piece of wood  for each child to take home - much like the board I did in a previous post but it will be for each child.

 This pix from minermoments.blogspot.com
Let the party begin!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Party Time this Saturday

 Invitations are mailed.....

Treasure Hunt Treasures.....(pix coming)

Take Home Halloween Craft.....(posted on Sat at party)

Carving Pumpkins........(posted on Sat at party)

Decorating Cookies...........(posted on Sat at party)

Our Favorite Spooks!

I finished "Our Favorite Spooks" board! 
It is adorable! 
I wish you could see it in person.

I found a left over cedar fence board, sanded it and painted it black.  Over the past week or so I have added the footprints of our grandchildren  to it - the kids are all in the order of their birth.  Oldest is seven and the youngest is a week old.  It is adorable!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

13 Days Till Halloween Countdown

I love to make 13 Days till Halloween Countdown for our grandchildren. 
This is the one I did for this year. 
I found all of the Halloween Pix of each child from years past, printed them out and made them into ornaments to hang on their own Halloween Tree. 
This is how they turned out:  
 This is all of them ready to go.
I put the ornies in paper bags and made each of them a name tag for their own bag. 
I put a twig in a can with rocks and then added orange ribbon to each of the twigs to color them up a bit.

 I hope they have as much fun looking at the pix and hanging them as I did making them!

Door Ringer

They are beatiful - Click on this link for a full tutorial of how to make them

Halloween Projects 2012!

Lots going on at our house this fall!  Harvesting the garden, making a new chicken coop, canning and best of all a new grandbaby!   Makes #11 for our family - 10 of them born the past 4 years.

I have a couple of Halloween projects I am working on this Fall.  As I get each one done I will post a picture.

First Project
Fill up the Witches Kitchen
My helpers Mr. Invention and Mr. Adventure helped me - I have no idea where anything is but it is in the kitchen and they love it - after all the Witches Kitchen is primarily for them!

 Second Project
Witches Shoes - My mom died a while ago and I have about 20 pairs of her shoes.  I am such a hopeless romantic I have a hard time throwing away her personal things. I have tried to figure out what to do with these shoes.  She had like a size 5 foot and so they are really tiny.  I saw this adorable picture of a pair of witches shoes so I am making them into that.  I love having her things all about my holiday decor.  Pretty excited to work on these this afternoon.

Third Project
13 Day Countodown for our grandchildren.  I am doing it for the oldest seven as the youngest 4 are all one year and younger.  I gathered all the Halloween pictures I have of each of them and am making them into ornies of sorts with candy on each one.  They will pull one a day out of their Halloweeen Sack and put them on a twig tree.  Hope to get these done this afternoon as well.

Fourth Project
Ghost Board! So excited to finish this - I am putting each of our grandkids foot print on this board in the order of their birth.  The 8 boys will have an orange bow tie and the 3 girls will have an orange bow on their heads.  With each of their names etc.  Working on this as each of them come to our house. We are going 500 miles south next week to see our newest baby born this week so I will get the last 3 foot prints while we are there.

Fifth Project
We are having a Halloween party on the 27th of October - I have some fun ideas planned for that, but will post more of those details after we get back from visiting our newest baby.

Hope you are enjoying Fall!  We have lovely weather - so worth living in Idaho to live through Fall here!!!